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ABSOLUTEMODELS provides a special models movement service to specific markets: Asia (China, Bankok, Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapour) and TDI (India, Turkey, Dubai).

We collaborate with mother agencies and secure their models movement to unknown and inexperienced far away markets for them. Every market is managed by an area manager, who makes the bridge between your agency and the specific market by working very close with the domestic agencies.


Area managers
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Area managers




Here are some of the advantages of our service:

  • Area managers are based near each specific market and understand well their mentality and needs.
  • After a serious market research, we have selected the right domestic agencies that have the potential to work closely with us.
  • We are only sending girls when we already have a positive feedback from a previous promotion made by the domestic agency.
  • Being considered as a serious business partner for domestic agencies by sending a steady amount of good girls to their markets, helps us a lot to support the domestic agencies to improve the international rules of booking.
  • A simple and clear contract for each specific market gives you a clear picture of their rules, needs and demands.
  • Tear sheets will be either sent directly to you by the domestic agency or will be collected and sent by the area manager.
  • We secure all small details, like pocket money, driver, accommodation…
  • We provide you with a weekly statement on options and bookings
  • Mother agencies are able to fully concentrate on their domestic markets or international markets, like New York, Paris and Milan for their girls.…
Financial condition

  • Mother agency gets her usual 10% commission paid by domestic agency.
  • Domestic agencies pay the Model’s salary and the mother agency commission cash, the day before the departure of the model (for most of domestic agencies, but unfortunately not in Greece).
  • Absolute models commission is paid by the commission of the domestic agencies only in specific cases depending on domestic agencies, we will ask the 10% commission from the model’s gross earning. 
Models requests

 ANNY is responsible for the Asian market (China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok).

Anny is looking for models who could work from 2 to 6 months to be able to move the models in-between her specific markets. Asia has many live castings so the appearance and personality is very important to get good bookings!

Models who are considered to work well are the following:

  • Catalogue girls: 170-177, 80-87 / 58-62 / 87-90   Style: perfect white skin, blonde, brunette or dark hair, light or dark eyes depending of the market, age between 15 and 25 year old, style angel, teeny and perfect smile.
  • Fashion girls: 177-180, 80-87 / 58-60 / 87-90   Style: perfect white skin, blonde, brunette or dark hair, light or dark eyes depending of the market, age between 15 and 22 year old, style angel but could also be special for editorial jobs.
  • Important: Some domestic agencies agree to work with a new face and invest time and energy to build her book, with very good tear sheets in English.

 CHRISTIAN is responsible for the following markets: New York, Milan, Paris.

Christian is looking for models who could be free to work a minimum of 2 months and up to 3 months, to be able to move the models in-between her specific markets.

Models who are considered to work well are the following:

  • Chine Models, 18 and 25, 177-181 height, 85-88 / 57-59 / 88-90, editorial style, great personality (could be rock & roll style), who could speak or understand a few English.



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